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Review of Boost Your Bench

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I have been working with Tim for some time on developing my bench press and whole body strength and size. His methods have taken my bench press to new heights, and I am pressing more weight than ever. The best feeling was properly repping out 225lb. I had some shoulder niggles before, but after implementing his technique I have not noticed any pain whatsoever!

Tim is the first personal trainer who took an in-depth look at my bench press form. I’ve had previous trainers who never really instructed me with much attention to detail and I felt as if I wasn’t doing the exercise entirely right. I had some issues with shoulder pain and gave up on the exercise after awhile – I wasn’t really progressing in strength the way I wanted to either. The main thing I’ve noticed after being coached by Tim is that the exercise feels much more fluid and easy. We’ve done extensive postural and form work and it has made all the difference in the world. I feel like my body is functioning efficiently for once!

As a newbie to the gym, I must admit in hindsight I didn’t really know how to perform most exercises. I’d seen people bench before and thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. Little did I know how wrong I was. Tim’s instruction has made me completely rethink the way I look at the bench. It’s also made me realise how many people I have seen doing it wrong. These were the people I learned from! Ever since I’ve got my technique on track and followed Tim’s advice on posture my strength has been on the steady increase. It’s great to be able to excel at this exercise, as it’s something that wasn’t very easy for me to start with.

I have been working with Tim towards my physique development for a couple of months now. He has worked with me on all on the big exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press. The quality of his coaching is impressive and he has taken a very personalized approach. I feel a lot more confident when lifting and get a lot more out of my gym training using his programming. I still train at a commercial gym, but having Tim’s experience as a coach is invaluable as he keeps me on track, keeps me learning, and makes changes to my training without me having to worry about what to do next. Overall a great trainer!

If you have any questions or inquiries about Bench Press Clinic please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will get in touch as soon as I can.
Support Email Address:

Bench Press Clinic is for the skinny guy looking to build muscle, and a lot of it. You are simply not going to build a ripped, muscular physique, without getting strong as hell. You need
strength to build size, period.

It will also work for people who are happy with their physique development and just want to blow their bench up by using the techniques the pros use.

Finally, anyone with any sort of shoulder pain NEEDS this system. You’ve got some serious muscular imbalance going on there my friend and if you don’t fix it you’re going to damage yourself and waste your money and time on expensive rehabilitation and possibly even surgery.

I’ve made it my mission over the past few years to figure out the best possible form for the bench press. I have consulted at length with professional powerlifters, bodybuilders, movement therapists and various other experts over this journey. I am 100% confident that this is BEST, and ONLY resource on the internet of its kind.

You aren’t happy with your bench press. That’s why you’re reading this. Humble yourself and accept you have more to learn.

Read the testimonials. A variety of people have implemented this and succeeded. If you follow the system, you will be successful too. And even if (for some inexplicable reason) you’re not,
there is a 60-day money back guarantee. There is genuinely no risk on your part.

If you think you know how to bench press then answer me this. How much have you progressed in weight over the last month? Has there been any sizeable increase? If you are making substantial, consistent monthly progress, maybe you’re right, this programme isn’t for you. Maybe you do know how to bench like a pro. However if you have reached a plateau and you are unable to break through – you are doing it wrong. And that is easily remedied by skilling yourself up.

Think about who coached you on the bench press. Did they delve into the proper mechanics? Did they individualise their instruction for your body type?

It took a lot for me to admit that I didn’t completely understand how the bench press works. I had a degree, 3 years of instruction from lecturers with PhDs and a good understanding of physiology! However I still had to go back and get to grips with some of the fundamental mechanics of the bench press.

There are many more layers to this exercise than what most people believe. Some people grind away with sub-standard form making minimal progress and ultimately wasting their time for months and years on end. Ensure this isn’t you!

Trust me, this is when you need guidance the most. Take advantage of this time in your lifting career when you haven’t developed any bad habits which will set you back. I freaking wish I had had this system when I started bench pressing, then I wouldn’t have taken two years off my training, and I would be so much stronger and more muscular.

Strength and Size 101 (included in Bench Press Clinic) has three different plans based on your lifting experience. Absolute beginner is one of them, and this leads into the next one. You buy this and I have you covered for the rest of your lifting career. No more guesswork ever. This system is the fastest possible track to becoming as big and strong as you’ve always fantasized about.

Hell yeah! What’s the point in being strong and muscular if you’re covering it all up with body fat? My training ultimately revolves around aesthetics. Becoming strong is good, but becoming strong and ripped is even better.

Getting lean requires optimizing your diet. The Lean Mass System is all my dietary knowledge (years of learning) about how to get as jacked and as lean as possible, condensed into one book. Yours free if you act today!

The system revolves around optimizing your form. Once you’ve watched the videos and had a few targeted sessions working on your technique, it won’t take any extra time and you’ll be pressing a lot more. If you’re following the rehabilitation programme for your shoulders, it only takes about 15 minutes on a daily or bi-daily basis in order to see results, so you can perform it at the end of your workout without too much hassle.

Ah don’t make laugh. Going to see a personal trainer to skill up in the bench press is probably one of the worst things you can do, knowing what most PTs out there are like. Let me explain why.

Three reasons. Quality of instruction, price, and convenience.

The Bench Press Clinic is a unique method I have personally developed to increase strength and fix shoulder issues. Personal trainers are unfamiliar with my methodology. They don’t have a clue how to implement it. It is simple, easy to implement, and it works.

Secondly, this system is priced at the cost of one half hour personal training session. This is astounding value. You are literally getting years’ worth of experience and coaching for the cost of 30 minutes of one-on-one personal training. They won’t even scratch the surface on what they need to be teaching you (if they even know). You also don’t have go out of your way to find a decent trainer!

Another issue with personal training sessions is that personal trainers will always try to sell you more. I know this, I am a personal trainer too. Most trainers will try and get you on board a long term package which may or may not fix your issue, but will ultimately be a waste of your time and money. You don’t need personal training. You know how to work out and you definitely don’t need a paid spotter.

Strength and Size 101 and the Lean Mass System have you covered for all your long-term programming and nutritional needs. This system explains what you need, without the unnecessary fluff.

This system will work for anyone that is capable of bench pressing, gender and age are irrelevant. If you have the strength to bench the empty bar for at least ten reps, then this will work for you.

If you want to increase the size of your chest and your bench, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve trained clients who have been very happy with their benching. Pain free, no problem. But with simple technique fixes, I have increased the weight they can move substantially. This system is much more than a pain relieving guide.

Firstly, good job on educating yourself! This is in fact true, and some people may not have the required anatomical structure to perform a standard barbell bench press. However, this is very unusual. In 99% of cases it is a form and muscular-based problem. If you are unlucky enough to be in 1%, you can still bench press – with a simple modification.

The short answer is yes! Shoulder pain is commonly caused by muscular imbalance. Form is very important too, but if your form is good (check this first), your pain is likely due to imbalances. As this system treats muscular imbalance, it will fix your problem – guaranteed. It will also increase your bench substantially or your money back.

Hey, I’m Tim Ross, and today you’re going to discover the
secret to a big bench press and building a muscular, athletic
chest. So first let me ask you a question – would you like to add
20lb to your bench press instantaneously? Just like that, boom,
and you can bench 20lb more. That would be pretty sweet

Well what if I told you that there was a quick tip, almost a
trick, that you can apply and immediately see those massive

Well today is your lucky day! Because that’s exactly what
you’re going to discover if you read this short article.

Now I’m not talking about some quick fix that is going to
boost your bench press by 20lb then leave you stuck on that
weight, like you are now with your current max.

What you’re going to see today is going to change way you
think about the bench forever. I guarantee you, you won’t press
the same after seeing this. You won’t press the same weight

And the best part? You don’t have to spend hours in the gym
bench pressing! Instead you’ll optimize the time you do spend
training, for more gains in less time.

Have a think for a second.

Do you really think that the people who can bench 500 plus
pounds don’t know something you don’t?

Do you really think they bench for 30 sets, or train the bench
press six times every week? Unless you’re on the magic juice (if
you know what I mean), that’s simply not going to happen.

Believe it or not, I’ve seen people try this – hitting the
bench almost every single day with way too much volume,
desperately seeking those big numbers.

And it never works. Their numbers actually go down, they end
up feeling even weaker, and suddenly they’re getting out-benched
by that girl that asked to work-in, and actually added weight to
the bar.

It’s all because they have no idea how to perform
the movement to lift the most weight possible.

Here are some of the people I’ve showed this
trick to, plus some of my clients I’ve coached in the bench press
throughout the years.

Look at the weight they’re using! And some of them haven’t
even been lifting that long! Imagine how embarrassing it
would be if a complete newbie came into the gym, and within 6
months, was putting up more weight than you, who’s been
lifting for way longer?

And these guys aren’t doing anything different with their
programming – there’s no magic programme that delivers x10
the results of the next one. Newsflash – they all work.

All these guys are doing differently is that
they actually know how to perform the bench press for maximum

And what’s the great side effect to be being strong as

That’s right, you’ll be bigger. More strength = more
stimulus on your muscles, which equals more jacked. It’s not
rocket science.

I’m talking about a 20lb instantaneous increase to your
bench press. More weight, more prestige, more muscle. And
it’s all down to this one simple trick.

Look I know you’re curious, and I’ll get right to it in a
few minutes.

Before I show you the trick though, I have to
warn you about something, and you have to promise to take
this seriously, because it’s likely affecting you right

The bench press exercise is VERY stressful on your
shoulders, even when you perform it right. As a matter of
fact, some people just don’t have the mobility to perform
this movement at all. 90% of the people in the gym perform
the exercise so damn wrong I want to go over and yell at them
to stop!

Because they’re just going to hurt themselves. It might
not be today, but give it a few months, years if you’re
lucky, and your shoulders is going to give out. I don’t care
who you are, if you haven’t been taught to bench press by a
qualified strength coach, or worse, you’ve been shown to
bench press by a bodybuilder or a bro you hit the gym with,
you’re going to end up with damaged shoulders.

So if you experience ANY sort of shoulder pain or
discomfort whatsoever when bench pressing, you need to keep
watching, because the health of your shoulders are hanging in
the balance.

Even if your shoulders feel fine when you bench, if you’re
performing even one aspect slightly wrong, you’re on the road
to shoulder impingement and months taken off training.

that’s going to leave you as small as ever. Trust me, I’ve
been there.

Look, I know why you train.

You want to get that chiselled
chest, shoulders, arms, and even legs that those damn
genetics didn’t provide.

You want more muscle so you command
respect inside the gym and out.

So girls pay more attention
to you. So they actually approach you.

So guys know who
they’re dealing with, and you stand out amongst your friends
as the alpha of the group.

But do you know what I’ve never

A muscular, alpha, powerful male without a big bench
press. Wouldn’t that be ridiculous? Picture a super jacked
bodybuilder struggling to rep out 175lb. You just don’t see

If you can’t bench big, you’ll never be big. When you
increase the weight you can lift, your body has to add more
muscle to your body to handle that extra weight.

And when you train heavy with
large loads, it forces your body to pump anabolic hormones
into your bloodstream, which helps you build even more

And let’s get one last thing clear… We all know the
bench is more than that. A big bench press is a symbol of
strength and status.

Imagine for a second I’m magic, and I
can increase your bench press by 200lb instantaneously, but
without you gaining any more muscle as a result. You look the
same, but you bench a lot more. Would you want that? You’re
damn right you would! I don’t know any male that trains and
wouldn’t like a bigger bench press.

It’s for good reason the
question “what do you bench” is always brought up when you
talk about training.

Imagine telling someone you rep out 225lb for 10. That
you’re pushing for that 300lb max next week.

All this is
possible, in fact easy, if you know what you’re doing.

brings me to me. I did not have a clue what I was doing with
the bench press.

I used to be the last
person that anyone would ever go to for advice about the
bench press. Look at me here.

I used to be ridiculously skinny, and I’ve always had long
arms – which if you don’t know, makes it even harder to bench
press because the bar has to travel further, and requires a
different technique.

I never thought I’d have a big bench
press, and if I’m really being honest, I shied away from the
barbell bench press for two years, because I was scared to
step on to centre stage in the gym. Our benches were right in
the centre of the floor. That’s right, I didn’t bench for two

Maybe you’ve had that experience?

Stepping up to the bench press, eyes on you, you throw two
15lb plates on each side, and you get your sets out of the
way as fast as possible.

Or worse, some jacked bodybuilder
comes up to you mid-set and asks how many sets you have left
with a smirk. You know he’s going to at least double the
weight you’re using.

You don’t want to make him wait, with
his and other eyes drilling into you, judging your thin

You get to the gym,
step up to the bench, and everyone knows you bench big. You
throw on 45lb plate after plate, and you’re still warming up.
You ask that big bodybuilder working out next to you for a
spot, and you see the respect he has for you when he sees how
heavy you’re lifting.

You could be benching big, and getting bigger and
stronger every day starting tomorrow if you tune in.

I’m sure you’re wondering, how is this possible?

gypsy magic are you talking about?

It all comes down to one
word. Leverage.

I’m sure you’ve noticed your body has a whole
lot of joints. And your muscles control these. Still with me

So all you need to do is activate the right muscles in
the right positions to put your body into a state of
mechanical advantage.

When you’re in this state, you’ll lift
heavier, build more muscle, and generally feel more like a
full on meat-titan.

But I’m sure you can understand, there’s
not only one joint involved in the bench press. In fact, it’s
a whole body movement. I can tell you right now that if your
hips aren’t working just as hard as your chest you’re doing
the whole damn thing wrong.

I said there was one simple
trick, and I meant it. When you use this technique, you’ll be
able to add weight immediately to the bar.

But what you need is a system to teach you all tips and
tricks of the bench press, in the way a professional strength
coach would.

You think I can cover that in a 3-minute video? It will
give you an edge, but your knowledge of the full bench press
movement will still be woefully incomplete.

Even depending on
your body type and lever length – think people with long arms
vs short arms, you need a different technique. This is not a
one size fits all movement.

You need a system that breaks
down everything, that accounts for every individual variable,
if you’re going to lift the most weight possible, and become
the biggest, strongest version of yourself.

There’s a reason
some people at the gym lift staggering amounts of weight.

goes back to what I said before – leverage. With the correct
technique, heavy weights are actually easier.

And when you do
this right, you actually engage more of your chest fibres
when you bench press – in a normal bench press, it can work
your triceps and shoulders more than anything else.

If you’ve
struggled to build that chest, if it doesn’t just respond not
matter how much you thrash it in the gym with intense long
workouts, this is the reason why.

I hope you understand, we’re talking about adding 20lb to
your bench press and actually making your chest work harder
during the process!

By the time you’ve finished this article
you won’t be pressing the same.

So keep reading, unless you
enjoy pushing mediocre numbers.

The other thing that changes
when you increase your bench press is mental. Guess what? You
start to enjoy chest day more than ever.

People will stare as
you un-rack weight they’ve never touched before, and you’ll
get compliments from girls and guys in the gym alike.

become the alpha of that space.

Trust me, as a formerly skinny guy, it was an amazing
feeling to properly rep out 225lb. It was great when people
started ‘miring too.

I want to help you hit the same numbers.

I know that by
now you’re probably like, let me at this trick, I want to try
it out!

And that’s cool, you can keep reading, and at the end
I’ll show you how to do it. We’re super close now.

But I hope
now you’ve realised there’s so much you don’t actually know
about the bench press.

For example, do you know that every
person should use a different grip width? It’s actually
dangerous on your shoulders if you’re using the wrong width
for your body type. Do you know how to figure out where ideal
is for you?

Do you know that your glutes, lats, and abs play
as a big of part as your chest does when bench pressing?

you ever had any shoulder niggles? Would you like to
eliminate them forever and save your shoulders from
impingement, bursitis, and worse down the road?

Do you know
how to set your shoulders properly for a bench press? Pulling
them together and back is not enough by the way!

Do you know
how to optimize your bar path for maximal force and stimulus
on the chest?

Do you know how to properly warm up your chest
and shoulders to reduce chance of injury and increase your

All of these are just some of the topics I delve into in
my system – I call it Bench Press Clinic.

And hey, if it’s not for you. That’s cool. If you want to
spend years trying to figure out what I can teach you in a
few minutes, go ahead.

They were some painful lessons for me
– I tore a shoulder muscle, I was stuck on piss poor weights.
Because I was all pride and wouldn’t accept I had more to

Your other option is to be a man, and admit, no I
didn’t actually get taught by a professional strength coach,
but shit, that would really help my lifts.

And now you can.
Without the several thousand dollar coaching fee. You can
learn as if you were coached for years under expert

I show you everything there is to know about the
bench in concise 10 minute and under videos.

You could
literally figure it all out in 20-30 minutes, then hit the
gym for your best chest workout ever!

This system is the
fastest track to those big numbers, and that chiselled

This is what you’re here to learn. In this
two part video series I delve into all the mechanics of the
bench press. Every last one. The last thing I want you to
feel is that you want to know more about the bench press. I
cover everything you need to put you on par with elite level
powerlifters and bodybuilders.

shoulder pain? This component screens your shoulders for any
possible injuries or muscular imbalances that may be limiting
your bench press.

Ok so you have an injury or imbalance?
Most people do, me included. This component shows you the
fast way to neutralise and fix the issue, so you can get the
most out of your pressing workouts.

So you want to press big? You need to warm-up properly. And
no, I don’t mean you need to do a set of push-ups and the
empty bar before slapping your weight on. As a matter of
fact, warming up correctly will increase your strength,
muscular balance, and reduce your injury risk! This routine
is all you will ever need.

The other thing that
holds people back at the gym is simply their knowledge of
training. Let’s be honest, have you read peer reviewed
research on optimal training frequency and progressive
overload, or how to manipulate volume, intensity,
periodisation, deloads, work capacity, etc.. (that list could
go on for quite some time). Chances are you haven’t. I break
it all down in this module. I give you the best split(s) –
yes if you’re only using one type of split you are doomed to
be skinny for all eternity.

Changing up your programme regularly and very specifically
is so important if you are going to build muscle.

where something called athletic periodization comes in, which
is far too big of topic to explain today.

Finally, as a fast
action bonus for today only, I’m also giving away my own book
(Yes I wrote this bad boy) called The Lean Mass System.

you ever been confused about your diet? Read the latest
trending nutrition article about high-carb diets, ketogenic
diets, intermittent fasting, bulking and cutting, or even
both at the same time?

Let me tell you, half of those
articles should never have been written. There are so many
diet claims out there. Wouldn’t it be easier if it were
simplified? You’re damn right it would!

That’s where I come
in. Because even the best programme in the world will amount
to zero gains if you’re feeding your body with inferior fuel.
Get stuck into this book however and you can find out which
of my recommended approaches works best for you to gain the
most mass, and cut most fat possible. This is a staple of
your transformation!

Now you might be thinking, shit Tim that
was a lot of components there, that’s got to come with a
hefty price tag.

That’s where you’re wrong. I know you don’t
have hundreds to fork out on improving your training.

didn’t either.

I just want to help as many people as I can to say “Fuck
you!” to their genetics and lift big and grow big.

But I want there to be zero hesitation on your

You could go out for lunch today and
spend more than that.

Or you can get Bench Press Clinic, cook
up a gains sandwhich at home and get stuck into my videos
that will change your bench press forever.

Now I hear you
saying, this all sounds great and everything, but I’ve never
even met you, I don’t really know if I can trust you. This is
the internet after all!

And that’s totally fair. I actually
didn’t buy my first online product until two months after
really wanting to. I did shitloads of research to see if it
was a scam, to see if the guy could be trusted. I didn’t feel
comfortable just chucking in my credit card into some site.

So I’ll do the hard work for you. This whole website is run
through Clickbank, you can see the trust badge in the corner,
and if you click the badge or the payment link you’ll see it
takes you to the Clickbank store. Look them up. Check
customer reviews. They’re a reputable online store.

So you
should be feeling 100% comfortable about making the right
decision for your bench, your chest, and your physique as a

But I thought I’d save the best part for last. This whole
deal comes with an exclusive 60-day unconditional money back

You take this product, you try it for 60-days, and if you
are ever so slightly dissatisfied with the most minute
detail, you don’t like the colour of my shirt in second
video, you flick me an email and I’ll refund all your money.
Trust me, you’ll love it, but I’ve got you covered just in

Don’t make your decision now. Make your decision after
you’ve got the system. It will change your bench, and your
life, or your money back.

You’d spend
quadruple that in one personal training session with an
incompetent “professional” who has a 6 month certificate in
basic physiology.

This guy has no clue how to help the
average skinny guy build muscle.

He hasn’t done the research
and been through the transformation himself.

I was exactly
where you are now. Struggling to find a secret to increasing
my lifts and gaining muscle.

So you can keep struggling.

you can take the fast track.

The Bench Press Clinic system.

Which encompasses so much more than your bench.

Yes you’ll
increase your poundage on the bench massively.

Yes you’ll
learn the best exercises for shoulder balance and health.

Yes, you’ll get a complete blueprint spanning years that
shows you how train in the best possible manner for muscle

And if you act today, yes you’ll get the complete run
down on anabolic, muscle growth stimulating nutrition and how
to implement it.

You need to act now. And not just to get the
Lean Mass System bonus.

You’re here today because you have
motivation and interest in achieving a great physique.

is the solution you’ve been looking for. This is the solution
you need in order to get to your goal – a big bench press and
an athletic, muscular body. This will change your appearance,
your confidence, and your life.

And if you leave today,
you’re not going to come back tomorrow, and you’re going to
procrastinate, and you will not improve.

You are going to
stall in the gym, your results will come slower and slower,
and you’re not going to be able to achieve your dream

It’s now or never, and if you don’t take action
today, you’re going to stay the way you are.

If you have any questions about this product please email

Click here to get Boost Your Bench at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Boost Your Bench is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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