The Reflective Transformation System review

Review of The Reflective Transformation System

Product Name: The Reflective Transformation System

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Description of The Reflective Transformation System:

Maybe you’re a coach or practitioner who is new to their profession and you’ve found yourself in a session with a client and didn’t know what step to take next. It’s a sickening feeling, isn’t it?

Or perhaps you’re an experienced professional who wants to try something new because the techniques you’ve been using for years just aren’t as effective as you’d like them to be.

You see, if you’ll agree to spend just 5 minutes with me today in this letter, I’m going to reveal a system that will enable you to help your clients achieve the results they crave – whatever those results may be – much faster … and also allow you to attract more clients like bees to the first flowers of spring.

Hello, my name is Matt Sison.

I’m a transformation coach and, while I love what I do, my true passion is teaching other coaches and practitioner how to excel in their profession.

Over the past 15 years I’ve been working on a system that coaches and practitioners can use to improve their clients’ lives forever.

And I’m thrilled to tell you that today I’m ready to take this system public! In just a moment you’ll hear from some of my clients and how they benefited from working with this system. Their stories are inspiring and I believe they’ll get you pumped up to try this system with your own clients.

But first, you might be wondering why I bothered to create this system in the first place. After all, aren’t there enough “systems” in the coaching and therapy space already?

But you see, this system isn’t something I just came up with overnight. I didn’t decide one day to just throw a few techniques, concepts and modalities together and hope they provided my clients with the results they needed. This system isn’t a bunch of fluff and filler; it isn’t a bunch of theory that’s never been tested in actual sessions with clients.

No, this system was forged in the fires of 15 years of experience working with, as Dr. Eric Robins mentioned above, with some of the toughest cases out there – cases that other practitioners gave up on.
The problem: so much of the coaching and therapy training both online and off consists of hyped-up, flashy techniques that simply don’t work.

This revolutionary online video training course is the product of more than 15 years of study and practice in the fields of hypnosis, hypnotherapy regression, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, meditation, affirmations, yoga, martial arts & live client sessions.

My practice of the martial arts especially influenced the creation of this program. Allow me to explain.

I’m a 2nd degree black belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu. It’s an accomplishment that represents many thousands of hours of study and practice. (And who knows how many bumps and bruises!)

In my study of this ancient martial art I discovered that the flashiest moves aren’t usually the most effective. Here’s an example.

There’s a move in Japanese Jiu Jitsu called sumi-gaeshi. It’s a counterattack. When an opponent shoots for your leg you grab the back of their gi (the robe jiu jitsu practitioners wear) and do a backwards somersault.

If you pull the move off correctly your opponent soars over your head and lands behind you with a thud. The move looks really cool. Like something you’d see in an action movie. Is it effective? Not really.

A far better strategy is to cultivate a profound understanding of the basics. A mastery of the basics – what some might call “simple” moves – proved to be the most effective way for me to over the challenges I faced on the jiu jitsu mat. I’ve taken this same philosophy to form the basis of the Reflective Transformation Coaching System.

The Reflective Transformation Coaching System distills many of the most popular healing concepts and techniques available into their most basic – but powerful – essence.

What makes these basics so powerful are the many subtleties and nuances that get completely lost in the all-too-common obsession with what’s new or flashy or cutting edge. Look, I’m not saying that the techniques and modalities that dominate our field are bad.

What I am saying is, many of these techniques only address the “symptom” and lack the direct simplicity necessary to cut right to the heart of the issue. The result?

Despite our best efforts, clients never achieve a lasting sense of inner peace and fulfillment. They aren’t healed from the inside out. It’s like slapping a new coat of paint on an old fence. Sure, the fence may look better – at least for a little while. But it’s only a matter of time before the paint fades and the old fence reemerges looking more busted up than before.

The Reflective Transformation Coaching System is like a laser that allows you to pierce right to the heart of the issue that is holding your client back. It is a direct, but versatile, approach to healing that leads to more permanent, efficient and effective results.

Rebecca came to me because she was struggling with a powerful feelings of anger and sorrow because of an ex who had greatly taken advantage of her financially.

Poor Rebecca was constantly sick to her stomach … she couldn’t focus … couldn’t enjoy life. She was in a dark place.

But just see for yourself the change Rebecca experienced after only 3 sessions together.

Wow! Wouldn’t you just love it if all of your clients could tell success stories like the one you just heard from Rebecca? They can! And the Reflective Transformation Coaching System will give you the tools and techniques you need to help guide your clients to their own successful results!

All of the videos included in the Reflective Transformation Coaching System are structured to give you a firsthand experience of how I use this system to help clients.

No boring PowerPoint slides; no rambling speeches that make you feel like you’ve stumbled into a boring college lecture. You’ll feel like you’re right there in the session with me as I work with clients and pause to give you a behind-the-scenes explanation of WHY I’m doing what I’m doing.

This is simply the fastest, easiest way to learn this system and apply with your own clients for dramatic results!

Module 1: Introduction: The Best Way To Use This Coaching System

In this brief introduction video I’ll take you on a tour of the Reflective Transformation Coaching System to show you how everything works. I’ll suggest the best way to study and apply the system to ensure you’ll be able to help your clients achieve results quickly!

Module 2: Julia’s First Session

In this training video you’ll meet Julia – a new client struggling with a skin disorder doctors told her she’d have to deal with for the rest of her life. What’s special about this video isn’t just that it “puts you in the room with me” as I help this client find healing, but also that I pause the video to provide commentary throughout. Why is this important? Because it shows you not only what I’m doing but why I’m doing it which makes it much easier for you to grasp the underlying concepts of the system.

Module 3: Julia’s Second Session

In this training video you’ll sit in once more on one of my sessions with Julia. As with the first training video, this video features commentary from me to help you fully understand the concepts that make the Reflective Transformation Coaching System so powerful. I’ll also show you a technique that enables you to help a client use their subconscious mind to unearth deeply rooted subconscious suggestions so they can create space for renewal and a sense of true inner peace.

Module 4: 8 Step Emotional Cleansing Process

One of the best things about the Reflective Transformation Coaching System is its simplicity. I have intentionally refined and distilled the most effective techniques, concepts and modalities I’ve discovered in my 15+ years of professional experience into a system that any coach or practitioner can utilize. However, “simple” does not mean simplistic. This is a powerful program and you’re likely to have questions about how best to use it. That’s why you’re going to love this training video.

In this video I lead a webinar with 5 of my fellow healing practitioners and break the entire Reflective Transformation Coaching System down into 8 steps. I then go into great detail about each step to make certain you clearly understand how to use it with your own clients. I’ve also created a PDF guide of this training that you’ll want to print out and study so you’ll always know where you are and what to do in a session.

Module 5: Switch Technique For Addressing Secondary Gain Issues

In this training video you’ll watch me conduct a session with a client named Aimee. Similar to the Julia sessions, this video includes my personal commentary to give you an inside perspective as to what’s going on and why I’m doing what I’m doing throughout the session. I’m also going to show you two very powerful techniques you can use immediately with your clients, The Switch Technique and the One Minute Meditation. You’ll see how these two techniques helped Aimee achieve an incredible shift in only 15 minutes – and how you can use them to do the same with your clients!

Module 6: Julia’s First Session
(No Commentary)

This video is a replay of Julia’s session from Module 1 minus the commentary. Use this video to see how well you’ve learned the Reflective Transformation Coaching System. Practice with this video before using these techniques with your own clients. You’ll be amazed at how easily the right words form on your lips to keep the session in a steady flow!

Module 7: 6/3 Benefit Introduction Video & Script

The 6/3 Benefit Script is one of the most powerful tools in the entire Reflective Transformation Coaching System. With this affirmation tool you’ll be able to help your client create the life they really want to live. If you’ve tried affirmation techniques with your clients before and the results were lacking, the 6/3 Benefit Script may be the most important change you make in your practice this year.

In total, these 7 modules provide just under 7 hours of high-impact video training!

And because I truly believe it is 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to add even more value to this offer and give you every possible reason to say “YES!” today.

5 Reflective Transformation Coaching System BonusesYours FREE When You Order Today

To celebrate the launch of the Reflective Transformation Coaching System, when you order today, you’re going to get 5 free bonuses to help you achieve incredible results with your clients even faster!

Bonus Training Video # 1 – The Importance of The S/E/T

One of the most integral parts of the Reflective Transformation Coaching System is understanding S/E/T – or “Sensation/Emotion/Thought” combinations. In this first bonus video I’ll share a technique that acknowledges the subconscious, conscious mind and body. All three of these areas must be addressed in order to help a client understand what’s holding them back and move forward with intuition and inspired action. This video will show you how to help your clients do that faster than ever before.

Bonus Training Video # 2 – The Varying Degrees of Emotional Release

Emotions are expressed through our bodies in many different ways. In this bonus video I explain in detail how the body wants to express emotions and how you can find a technique that matches the energy your client’s body needs in order to express and release what is holding them back.

Bonus Training Video # 3 – Chasing The Feelings

Techniques that focus on finding bad or painful things to cleanse and release are intended to help clients achieve inner peace, but these techniques often carry dangerous side effects. You see, by focusing excessively on dissecting anything that doesn’t feel good, the client is conditioned to only look for “bad” things in life. In this bonus training video I’ll show you how to help your clients clean out only what truly needs to be cleaned out so they can use the rest of their energy to live life with more joy.

Bonus Training Video # 4 – The Spiritual Lesson Between Anxiety and Excitement

Anxiety and excitement create very similar physical sensations in the body. If you’re not aware of the differences between the two you may try to apply techniques that focus on anxiety when in reality your client is simply experiencing feelings of excitement. In this bonus training video I explain the subtle differences between anxiety and excitement so you can make sure to help your clients achieve a true resolution.

Bonus Training Video # 5 – Jenny Lynn Interviews Matt

In this interview I reveal how I created the Reflective Transformation Coaching System and what inspired me to do so. I’ve included this interview to give you deeper understanding of the system itself as well as additional ideas about how you can use it with your clients.

What Others Are Saying About Matt Sison & His Reflective Transformation System

That’s right, don’t decide now.

Just download it, watch the videos and try the ideas for yourself.

If the Reflective Transformation Coaching System doesn’t do everything I’ve promised here and more, if it doesn’t help you guide your clients to a place of true inner peace and fulfillment; if it simply isn’t a good fit for you, your practice, your style, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every penny of your purchase price back under my no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and much to gain. All the risk is on me.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think back to the last session you had with a client. Recall the energy in the room and the sound of your client’s voice. Was the session as big a success as you hoped it would be?

Or, was there a point in the session – even just a moment – where you worried you wouldn’t be able to guide your client towards the healing or breakthrough they so deserve?

If you’ve read this far it tells me two things:

That’s why I encourage you to order the Reflective Transformation Coaching System right now.

You see, I’ve designed the Reflective Transformation Coaching System to enable a caring coach or practitioner like yourself to excel and thrive on a higher level than ever before.

Is it the last training you’ll ever need in your profession? Don’t be silly. To quote the great Brian Tracy:

As a dedicated coach or practitioner you’re committed to lifelong learning. And there are some great training and learning opportunities out there.

But the Reflective Transformation Coaching System will make you a better coach or practitioner RIGHT NOW. I guarantee it.

You owe it to your clients to be the absolute best you can be at your profession. This course is an opportunity for you to rocket to a new level of ability and expertise. I can’t think of a single reason you shouldn’t reach out and grab this opportunity with both hands. Can you?

Did you become a coach or practitioner for the money? Of course not. You entered this field because you truly want to help people. And I applaud you for that.

That said, is there anything wrong with earning money? Certainly not. You provide a valuable service to your clients and you deserve to be compensated fairly for that. Why do I bring this up?

When you apply what you’ll learn with the Reflective Transformation Coaching System with your clients you’ll notice that your clients will get results faster than they do today.

What takes a client many sessions to achieve right now will take only a handful of sessions once you’ve applied this system. You’ll be able to help clients that other practitioners turn away. A growing number of clients will recommend you to their friends and family. Your work calendar is about to get very, very full.

And not only will that give you the opportunity to help an even greater number of people, but you’ll also be earning more in your career than you ever have before. Win-win!

This is a completely risk free offer. And that means you don’t have to say “yes” today – you only need to say “maybe”, and I’m happy to give you a full 60 days to try the Reflective Transformation Coaching System.

Would I be able to make such a generous offer if I wasn’t 100% confident this program works? The truth is, when you order the Reflective Transformation Coaching System today you’re doing something that will benefit you and your clients this month, next year, five years down the road, ten years – and even longer.

Your purchase is an investment in yourself … and investment that will pay out rich dividends in your life as well as in the lives of the wonderful clients with whom you have the privilege of working.

P.S. – I forgot to mention, but because the Reflective Transformation Coaching System is hosted completely online you can watch it on any Internet-enabled device: like your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can learn this powerful system whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you! And the course is available for INSTANT download. As soon as we process your payment you’ll get complete access to the entire course!

P.P.S. – Friend, I know the Reflective Transformation Coaching System works, as do the hundreds of clients who have experienced it for themselves. However, I completely understand if you’re a little skeptical. That’s natural. But I would hate to see doubt rob you of an opportunity to both help your clients and win more clients for your business. That’s why you can order today RISK FREE thanks to my Airtight 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so go ahead and order your copy today!

P.P.S Do you have a question? If so, I may have answered it below! Q: What is The Reflective Transformation System and will it work?

The Reflective Transformation System is a result of my 12 years of work. It combines many healing modality concepts in one powerful and effective system. This system has always worked when clients followed the material from start to finish. It will work for your clients also!

Q: Will I have to stick to this program completely and discard some of my other training; even though I think that previous training is working well?

That’s one of the beauties about this program. It’s versatile, so you can incorporate it into what you’re already doing. It can definitely help you strengthen what you’re doing or give you another angle to help your clients.

Q: Am I just going to just watch this program and find it too difficult to apply?

Look, nothing worth doing is easy. You’re going to have to put some time into learning what I’m doing; and then watching and re-watching the all the videos, especially my recorded sessions with Julia and Rebecca so you can get a strong grip on what I’m going for. But let me tell you this, once you grasp the basics, it all falls into place and you see how easy it really is!

** I highly recommend that you purchase the videos where I work with Bonnie. You include those videos and you will be amazed at how easy and effective this program is. **

Q: Can I use this system to affect different aspects of my clients’ lives?

Yes! Actually, you may notice that as you focus on one aspect of their lives, with this system, other aspects of their lives get better!

Q: What if what I’m doing is already effective?

Well, I’m willing to bet that you’re here because there’s something that needs to change. But if you are doing pretty well, then this program will help you stay in that realm. More so, it will bring more peace and tranquility to your clients’ lives.

Q: I want to start helping my clients right now. Will I have to wait for you to ship it to me?

No! The entire program will become immediately available to you, via download, after your purchase – no shipping fees, no waiting. Results now!

Q: I’ve learned so many things. What makes this program different?

As I mentioned, many people go for the “flashiness” of the techniques. They go from one seminar to the next seminar, only to learn more techniques that help the client “paint over a dirty fence,” only to have the issues come back stronger or replaced with another issue. This system goes deep into the heart of the issue and helps you pull out your clients “roots” in a compassionate way. Plus, it’s also a very fun system!

Q: Is this program suited for a complete beginner?

I find people that don’t have much training pick this up quick, because, they are the most receptive and open to learning. With that said, if you’re open and receptive – despite how much training you’ve had – this will help.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then I don’t want your money!

Simply put, if you follow this system exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT feel like your clients are finding more peace in their lives, just contact us and we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

We stand behind our product as an effective and unique system that will help you tremendously; so no hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

As you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on me—the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!

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Please read my awesome disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. How can you ever get results from something you don’t use? The testimonials provided in this sales letter were unsolicited and provided by real people who experienced and received benefits from my Reflective Transformation System. Even though I have had an amazing success rate using this system I’m required to tell you that results aren’t typically. Wow, it’s hurt me to say that, but for legal reasons I have too. You understand right? In all honesty though if you put the time and effort into the program you’ll find results 100 times better than someone who doesn’t use it. Oh, did I mention I’m not a medical doctor and don’t claim to be. The word “heal” as used in this sales page just refers to someone overcoming a problem in their daily life.

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Reflective Transformation System is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked. The Reflective Transformation System

Click here to get The Reflective Transformation System at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Reflective Transformation System is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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