The Cellulite Assassin review

Review of The Cellulite Assassin

Product Name: The Cellulite Assassin

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Description of The Cellulite Assassin:

If you’re like 90% of all women on earth, then the answer is yes.

Cellulite doesn’t discriminate, it effects millions of women of all ages and body types in every country of the world. And for many, it causes a lot of insecurity and embarrassment!

It’s for this reason I’m finally revealing my cellulite eliminating private program secrets because I believe every women deserves to feel sexy and confident in her own skin!

And you’re so sick and tired of:

There’s no other way to put it… cellulite is ugly. It’s great to be comfortable in your own body, but no woman on earth sees that unsightly cottage cheese appearance on her backside and is happy about it. It’s the root of a lot of confidence issues for women across the planet.

These companies prey on women like us who hate the appearance of their cellulite, are desperate to get rid of it but don’t know who to trust or where to turn.

Have you fallen prey to any of the following scams?

But don’t worry, you’re not the first person to get cheated by this junk and you won’t be the last!

This stuff usually sells like hot cakes for a short time, but eventually these companies get shut down for false advertising.

Ask any doctor and they’ll tell you there is no cream, supplement, or massage that can get rid of your cellulite.

If that doesn’t convince you, just head on over to Ripoff Report and search for any popular cellulite “cure”.  You’ll be shocked at what you find.

To add insult to injury, most of these miracle products are very expensive and require continuous usage to see any results.  But as soon as you stop using their product, you better believe you’ll be right back where you started.

But before I go on, let’s get one thing clear…

Hi, I’m Erica Nguyen. I completely understand your frustration with fighting cellulite!

In fact it’s the #1 reason women from all over California and the world want to work with me because they’re sick of spending money on all these gimmicking treatments for ZERO results!

Over my many years as a leading nutritionist and personal trainer, cellulite has become my area of expertise.

Getting people in shape is great, but after hearing thousands of women come to me absolutely desperate to get rid of their stubborn and unsightly cellulite problem, I decided enough was enough.

Fast forward to today, I’m now known as “The Cellulite Assassin” in California, treating everyone from celebrities to athletes to housewives.

Why? Because I’ve developed a fool-proof 3 step program that has helped 100% of my clients achieve a smoother, more attractive backside in just weeks!

And best of all, the results are PERMANENT.

I’ve lost count of how many women I’ve helped over the years, but no matter how high that number gets, I knew it would never be enough.

That’s why I’ve decided to make my system available to everyone for the first time.

But first, let’s get something out in the open.

The term “cellulite” was made up by salons and spas in the 1920s to describe the cottage cheese appearance found on the thighs and buttocks.  It’s just a word that was made up to push “cellulite treatment” products.

There are no “toxins”, no excess water storage, and no difference in blood circulation between cellulite and normal body fat. Period.

Many companies and marketers claim cellulite is a special combination of fat, water, and “toxins” that build up under the skin.  This is purely fabricated and is a method they use to help sell their snake oil.

Unfortunately, most women are completely clueless when it comes to cellulite and they often waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on these worthless “cellulite cures” that do nothing but mask the symptoms temporarily.

Experts all agree, the vast majority of cellulite products on the market today are a temporary fix at best.  The most they can do is alter blood flow to the affected area and making the skin look slightly smoother and tighter for a short time.

But the truth is, none of these treatments can give you lasting cellulite reduction because they’re topical and not holistic.

Want a sample of what you’ll find inside The Cellulite Assassin?

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Under your skin are strands of connective tissue that connect fat and muscle to the skin. Because fat is very soft, it doesn’t keep our skin taut like muscle does. It also takes up more space, which makes it bulge out like stuffing in a mattress.

Women also tend to store most of their body fat in the hips, thighs, and butt where the skin is thinner than other parts of the body. This makes the cottage cheese appearance more visible, and only gets worse as we age.

Men, on the other hand, tend to store fat in the stomach region where the skin is thicker and more padded, hence, you don’t normally see cellulite there.

And while cellulite is often more pronounced in women with high levels of body fat, even some women with ideal body fat levels will suffer. This is because there are a number contributing factors that can lead to the appearance of cellulite.

Have you ever noticed how cellulite was a less common problem even 30 years ago? Or how women in certain parts of the world seemingly never have it?

There are an ever growing number of elements in the modern world that are making cellulite an increasing problem for women. And as we get older, things only accelerate.

But regardless of how old you are, how fit you are, or how much cellulite you have, one thing is certain…

My 3 phase system attacks cellulite from every angle, inside and out, and has produced fast, consistent results for thousands of women.

Best of all, it is laser targeted at removing cellulite only. We’re not talking some crazy fad diet or strenuous cardio program.

It’s designed for regular, everyday women. Women with jobs, school, friends, and families just like you.

All you need is a couple extra minutes per day and you’ll be on your way to a smooth, tight backside as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Thank you again Erica!  After being ripped off so many times in the past I seriously cannot believe that this is actually working. I was expecting it would be months before I would see results but only 3 weeks in I can really see a difference in the mirror! Needless to say, I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results so far.

Some women will always be looking for that “miracle cure” that will solve all of their health and fitness problems for them, and unfortunately, they won’t find it here. My program does take some work.

But one thing I can promise you, is that this is the fastest and most efficient path to true cellulite reduction you will ever find. Don’t believe me? Check out what some of my satisfied clients have to say…

Well, you weren’t lying. This is definitely the most effective cellulite “cure” I’ve ever come across and I’ve tried them all (or it seems like it anyway). Sometimes when I look at my backside in the mirror I still don’t believe that it’s mine! You really figured this thing out.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things you’ll discover inside The Cellulite Assassin:

Unhappy with the results you get from expensive cellulite creams? Don’t give up yet. I’ll show you 7 cheap, natural products that will outperform any cellulite cream you’ve ever used by mile.

Even if you’re skinny and you think you’re eating healthy, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the truth. I’ll show you 8 shocking foods you’re eating that are directly feeding your cellulite problem.

Cellulite is no different than normal body fat, but your damaged skin is letting it unleash havoc on your thighs and butt. I’ll show you one controversial technique that can rebuild and thicken weak skin by 50% in just weeks!

My personal laser targeted exercise program melts cellulite fat and builds a tight, round butt with the least amount of effort possible. Maximum efficiency – minimum cardio.

Cellulite simply doesn’t exist in certain parts of the world. I’ll teach you tricks from the far east that regulate hormone imbalance, supercharge your skin elasticity, and improve body composition with no caloric restriction.

Collagen is the main building block of your skin, among other things, and as we get older it starts to deteriorate quickly. I’ll show you my fool-proof methods for repairing damaged collagen and enjoying the smoothest, youngest looking skin of your life.

There are number of variables that come into play here, but one thing I can confidently say is that you will see a real, visible reduction within the first 8 weeks. And those results will last.

While it is true that cellulite is usually more pronounced in women who are overweight, the focus of this program is not to lose weight. Rather, we will be making very specific adjustments to your diet that will improve your body composition, repair your skin, and regulate problem hormones to put your body in a cellulite fighting state.

You will not have to give up the foods you love, and you will not be required to lose weight (although this sometimes does happen as a side effect).

Cellulite creams only affect the outer layers of your skin, called the epidermis. The fact is, cellulite goes much deeper than that, which is why most topical products aren’t effective. With the help of dermatology experts, I’ll show you how you can build and strength the deeper layers of the skin that become increasingly damaged over time.

While I do recommend certain exercises as part of my comprehensive plan (this is the same routine my clients in Los Angeles pay big money for), exercise is only a small piece of the overall puzzle.

Rest assured, there are no lengthy gym sessions or strenuous cardio sessions required!

Other cellulite treatment programs cost hundreds of dollars per month and require continuous usage to maintain any results.  As soon as you stop buying their product, you’re right back where you started (minus the thousands of dollars you spent).

Top personal trainers can cost even more, often well into the thousands per month (trust me, I’m one of them). And while a strict and targeted exercise program can be a good investment in your health and provide more long term results, most women simply don’t have the time or money necessary to see results.

I was initially skeptical about trying this because I’m not a very physically active person, but for under 50 bucks I decided what the hell. I’ve spent more on a one hour massage that did absolutely nothing.

I’m now 6 weeks in and I can safely say this is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I can really see a huge difference and the thought of where I’ll be in another 6 is getting me so excited!

The Cellulite Assassin, on the other hand, is a one-time purchase that provides you everything you need to know to get rid of your cellulite once and for all, without all the expensive creams, massagers, and other junk you’ve have had thrown in your face for years.

My three phase system was developed alongside medical and fitness professionals and delivers real results for thousands of real women every year.

This is the same program used by my clients here in Los Angeles – from studio executives to fitness models – to get that smooth, tight but that turns heads. Now, it’s available to you!

No need to spend endless hours in the gym losing weight or wasting your precious time on useless massages and creams. My laser targeted program has been perfected over many years to melt cellulite fast and tighten your problem areas in 1/10 the time.

Many cellulite treatments cost hundreds of dollars per month and provide minimal, temporary results at best. Doctors and nutritionists can cost thousands, and even they are often clueless when it comes to cellulite. My program costs as much as a steak dinner and has delivered eye popping results for thousands of women around the world.

Just in case this sounds too good to be true, I’m backing it with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.  I’m so confident that this is the best cellulite program out there, I’m guaranteeing results!

If you don’t see a real, noticeable reduction in cellulite after just 8 weeks, you get a full refund. No questions asked.

This really is a risk-free offer, so what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose!

Download The Cellulite Assassin Now

Are you ready to get rid of your cellulite once and for all and finally look sexy in that bathing suit again?  Then look no further, because you’ve found the fastest and most fool-proof method to get there.

Since I can’t be there to coach every single one of my clients personally, I’ve made included everything you need to be successful down to every last detail. There is no guesswork here… it’s just like having your own personal trainer and dietitian on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here’s what you’re getting:

My award winning, cellulite melting, butt toning guide that walks you step-by-step through the 3 phases of total cellulite elimination. We attack cellulite from every angle in order to get you results as fast as humanly possible.

I’ve been a leading personal trainer in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years and this is the exact same program my high paying clients use every day. Available to you now for less than the cost of one session with me.

Not only will I tell you exactly what to do to wipe out your cellulite for good, I’ll also tell you WHEN to do it. I’m leaving nothing to the imagination here.

Do you suffer from moles, warts, skin tags, or other skin irregularities? Not anymore. This treatment guide shows you exactly how to get rid of moles and other skin problems quickly and easily from your own home.

It’s all natural, safe, and totally painless. Plus, it doesn’t require any expensive surgeries or doctor visits. Get rid of ugly skin irregularities and enjoy flawless skin faster than you ever thought possible!

Skin looking dull and lifeless? Not feeling as young as you used to?

Ageless is your step-by-step guide to stopping and reversing the aging process in just 3 days. It contains loads of highly effective natural treatments that can take years off your appearing in no time. Use the same secrets Hollywood celebrities use to rejuvenate and revitalize their skin and regain the youthful appearance you once had.

Ever wonder why you used to be able to eat whatever you want and you wouldn’t gain weight? Now, it seems like if you even look at food you start packing on pounds. That my friend, is called metabolism.

This simple guide designed by a world leading nutritionists will show you how to rev up your metabolism so you can burn fat like never before. The best part? You don’t have to starve yourself or follow any crazy fad diets. Get your inner furnace burning red hot!

So what are you waiting for? This offer won’t be available for long, and your cellulite isn’t getting rid of itself. Get started right now and be free of cellulite faster than you ever thought possible!

To Cellulite-Free Living,

Dietitian, Personal Trainer & Cellulite ExpertAuthor of The Cellulite Assassin

P.S. You have NOTHING to lose. The Cellulite Assassin is 100% guaranteed to work. Try it, and you’ll see for yourself that this is the fastest and most effective cellulite treatment program ever created or your money back.

I promised myself I would commit 3 months to your program and if I didn’t see results I would give up forever and live with cellulite. Well, I just finished day 90 and I honestly want to cry, because I finally found something that works. I can’t tell you how happy I am Erica, honestly.

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Click here to get The Cellulite Assassin at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Cellulite Assassin is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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